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Promote ZNZ by Word of Mouth

Promoting ZNZ by word of mouth seems like a no brainer. Well, it really is. When you already have friends, family and co-workers that have a solid trusting relationship with you it's pretty simple to explain the program, get their buy-in and earn referrals. It may seem like an annoying way of promoting your campaign but remember that you don't have to push it on them. Simply explain the program to them and list the pros and cons. If they don't wish to participate then drop the subject. A lot of people these days are actually looking for additional ways to earn extra income online from home so you might even be doing them a favor by introducing them to ZNZ.

Personally, when I first started promoting ZNZ, I had a friend complete my first referral so that I could personally verify that the program was legit. After he completed the offer requirements I split the referral money with him and then I started my campaign. Ever since then I've been able to make on average about $1000 a month with ZNZ alone. This doesn't include the other affiliate marketing programs that I've started utilizing on top of that.

It if wasn't for "word of mouth" advertising, I probably would've never stuck it out with ZNZ. I gained confidence in the program because my friend signed up through me and once I received the money from obtaining that referral it proved to me that it was real.

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