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Blogging for your ZNZ Campaign

Blogging is an excellent way of promoting your ZNZ campaign. It allows you to write articles and gain traffic to your capture page. There are several websites where you can sign up and write articles for free. The more articles that you write - the better. Most of the popular blogging sites get crawled by search engines extremely fast. This means that your article will show up in search results when people type in key words that are related to your article.

Three important factors when it comes to writing quality articles is to be grammatical, knowledgeable and thorough.

Search engines pick up on spelling errors and other typos so you need to ensure that you review your article before you post it. You can use spell check programs or have a friend or family member double check it for you.

People want to read articles that are informative and correct. Make sure you know what you're talking about before you start writing an article. You need to be the professional when it comes to the topic you're writing about. If the information you're providing is incorrect you'll develop a bad reputation quickly and your article will be thrown into a cesspool of other useless articles that litter the internet.

Being thorough is very important as well. No one wants to waste time reading a two sentence paragraph that provides little to no value. They want a thorough article that touches on key points of the topic. Provide as much information as possible without being redundant. You don't need to write a thousand page novel but you do want your readers to be able to find a good reason to view your article rather than an article written by someone else that is based on the same topic. Be the best at what you write. Provide content that no one else has, or at least present it in a way that is better than your competitor.

You can find a list of free blogging websites in our tools section.


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