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Using Classified Sites to Promote ZNZ

Posting ads on free classified sites is one of the most popular ways of promoting a ZNZ campaign. They're 100% free to use and some of the sites get a large amount of traffic. If you can get your ad shown to thousands of people without having to spend any money then it's obviously an effective method.

(You can find a list of free classified sites to use in the tools section)

Some classified sites are better than others. Craigslist is the #1 free classified site on the internet. They literally get millions of views every month and it is definitely a good place to start.

However, posting on Craigslist can be very difficult. You can't just create an account and go on a mad posting rampage in every city on the map. You'll get your account banned in no time flat and your IP address right along with it. Once this happens you won't be able to post from your current internet connection regardless of whether or not you make a new account.. But enough about Craigslist.

There are a few different methods of posting on classified sites:

  • Post text only ads that require them to email you for additional info
  • Post text only ads with a "non-clickable" link to your site and your email
  • Post text only ads with a "clickable" link to your site and email
  • Post image based ads with any information you want on them
  • Post "clickable" image based ads with any info you want

Posting clickable image ads is the most effective method as you can list the details of the program, your email, url, etc.. They'll also be able to click on your ad and be taken directly to your website!

If you want to post clickable image ads then you're going to need an image hosting site that you can upload them to and link them from. I recommend using Flickr. It's completely free to use and easy to work with.

Sign up for a free Flickr account here

So posting image ads sounds great doesn't it? Well not all sites will allow you to post clickable image ads. Some won't even allow you to post clickable text based links.. So you're going to have to develop solid strategies for each website and have a good technique for making each one draw people in.

Try not to be deceitful.. Don't tell people you have a full-time job available and if they get hired then they're guaranteed a competitive salary with health benefits and so on.. This will only end up with you getting your account banned and never being able to obtain referrals through ZNZ ever again. Be realistic and honest. People like honesty and there are still some methods where being a little vague is acceptable as it can be alluring to people. They'll want to know more.

Email is also an important part of your advertising. Some people don't like to click on links or visit websites.. They want to talk with a real person and get their information that way. Plus, its a good chance for you to develop lasting relationships with your clients and start increasing the size of your mailing list.(which we'll discuss in another training topic)

Overall, Classified sites are definitely a good way to promote your ZNZ campaign. This is a good method for beginners. Once you've gained some experience with this and have developed a solid system for creating and posting your ads then you should move on to some of the other strategies.

If you need some images or just some basic text based ads to start out with you can go to the tools section to find some samples you can use to start out with. You're free to copy them and use them however you'd like.

You'll also find a list of free classified sites you can use to post on as well.

Click here to go to the ZNZ Tools section

Happy Posting!


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