ZNZ AD TEAM - System Update - ZNZ Two & New Presentation

ZNZADTEAM.COM Marketing System Update         11/2/2013

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We have made some recent updates and enhancements to our free marketing system which include the following:

  • The addition of the new ZNZ Two program from ZipNadaZilch
  • New high quality presentation video
  • Updated layout
  • New graphics

    In this article we're going to cover each one of these updates in full detail.

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    ZNZ Two is a new program from ZipNadaZilch that pays out $30 per referral and has a 2 offer credit requirement. The reason ZNZ Two was created is because we needed a good high converting program to combine with ZNZ One.

    ZNZ One has always had a good conversion rate and now ZNZ Two will go hand in hand with it. There are usually enough free offers to select from between both programs which will allow people to meet their requirements for both ZNZ One and ZNZ Two without having to spend any money.

    This is an excellent new program that will do very well.

    ZNZ Big Cash is still promoted through the system, but is now offered as an optional step due to the offer requirements. On average, people will end up spending $20-$30 to complete their ZNZ Big Cash requirements. This requirement is definitely worth it because the payout for ZNZ Big Cash is $60-$81, however, there are a numerous amount of individuals who complete their offer requirement for ZNZ One but not for ZNZ Big Cash because they do not want to spend any money.

    Now that ZNZ Two offers a $30 payout with only a 2 offer requirement (which can be done for free) it gives ZNZ One a very solid partnership which will allow us to have higher conversion rates and higher payouts.

    Want to join ZNZ Two?

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    The new presentation video is professional, realistic and personal. It also provides specific step by step instructions to assist new referrals through the whole sign up process. This video has already proven to produce higher conversion rates. Feel free to watch it here.

    The updated page layout mainly consists of some minor graphical changes and the addition of the new Join ZNZ Two button. The NetSpend sign up button has been adjusted to properly align with the other images.

    Users will still have access to their traffic statistics by viewing their custom page and clicking on the "view traffic stats" icon in the bottom left corner.

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    If you currently do not have the latest version of the ZNZADTEAM.COM system and would like to update your current page you have 2 options:

  • Create a New Page - This is the fastest method as all you have to do is fill out the form and click submit. Your new custom page will be created instantly and you will receive an instant email confirmation containing your new link.

  • Update Existing Page - This method will take up to 72 hours to complete. If you would like to keep your existing username and link then fill out a support ticket. Be sure to include the following in your support ticket:

  • Username (example: http://www.znzadteam.com/user/username)
  • Name
  • Email
  • ZNZ One ID #
  • ZNZ Two ID #
  • ZNZ Big Cash ID # (optional)
  • NetSpend Referral Code (optional)

  • Providing all of this information in your initial request will speed up the process of the update. Please remember that updating existing pages can take up to 72 hours to complete.


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