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ZNZADTEAM.COM has now incorporated the NetSpend Refer-a-friend program!
This new button has been added to all new Custom ZNZ Pages:

So, what does this mean for you?

Well, if you already promote ZNZ One, ZNZ Two and ZNZ Big Cash through the ZNZADTEAM.COM System then you can now add the NetSpend Refer-a-Friend program to your Custom ZNZ Page as well. This will allow you to earn an extra potential $20 per referral.

If you're already promoting a Custom ZNZ Page then you will be able to maximize the potential amount you can earn by becoming involved in all four of these programs:

ZNZ One = $20 per referral
ZNZ Two = $30 per referral
ZNZ Big Cash = $60-$80 per referral
NetSpend Refer-a-Friend = $20 per referral

So, by promoting a single webpage you could potentially earn up to $150 per referral!

The best part is: It's Free!

Not only is it free to become a NetSpend Affiliate but once you sign up and load $40 onto your card you will also get a $20 bonus!!

So why not make a quick $20 and then become qualified to earn consistent $20 commissions from NetSpend too?

The way it works is simple:

Simply order a NetSpend card here:

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(Don't worry, it's free)
get netspend card

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After you order your card you should receive it by mail within a couple weeks. Once you receive the card you'll need to activate it. This can be done online or by phone. Instructions for activation will be included in the letter you receive with your card.

After you activate your card you'll just need to load it with at least $40. There are several locations where you can load the card and you can find a local listing of load centers here:
Find a Card Reload Center near you

After you load the card with at least $40 you will receive a $20 bonus to your card and become eligible to start referring others!

The final step is adding your netspend referral link to the actual button located on your Custom ZNZ Page. This is a simple process and I will explain exactly how to do this.

You will need to locate your NetSpend Referral ID Number. This can be done by logging into your account online at

Once logged in goto:
>>My Account
>>Refer a Friend

Refer to the image below:

netspend referral code

Once you've located your referral code then you will just copy and paste the code into the NetSpend Referral Code section of your account by logging in here:

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That's it!

You're now ready to start earning an additional $20 per referral with the NetSpend Refer-a-Friend Program!

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If your page was created before 2/13/2014 you will need to submit a manual request to have your NetSpend Referral code added to your page using the NetSpend Referral Link Tool:


How to Get Started: