1. Where Does The $20 Come From? Who Pays It?

    The money is earned through the completion of offer(s) from various companies who utilize this form of targeted advertising.  You will receive $20 from ZipNadaZilch for every person you refer who completes the their offer requirements for ZNZ ONE.

    You will receive $60-$78 for every person who completes their offer requirements for ZNZ BIG CASH, allowing you to earn approximately $100 per referral. This can add up quickly if each person signs up for both programs and completes all of their requirements.  

    Hundreds of companies pay a lot of money to advertising brokers such as ZipNadaZilch for getting individuals to sign up for their trial offers.

    This is truly one of the easiest ways to earn extra income because everyone can do this with absolutely no out of pocket expense.  

    Important Note:  Unless you want to continue using the offer(s) that you sign up for, simply cancel the offer(s) one day before the trial period ends.  You must keep the offer for at least 80% of the trial offer period before canceling or they may revoke your credit.

    I suggest you make a note of how long the trial is and write down on your calendar the exact date to cancel them. As long as you cancel right before the trial period expires,  you will never be charged.  This is simple and painless.  Remember, you only have to do this ONCE!
    After that, you'll have a lifetime membership and be able to refer people and start earning money right away, it's well worth the one-time offer requirement. 



  2. How Long Has ZipNadaZilch.com Been Around?

    ZipNadaZilch.com launched on July 14th, 2007.  Their website reports they have paid out over $4,000,000 in money/prizes.  

    They've been listed in the Better Business Bureau and have a B rating with minimal customer complaints.   

    They have a great reputation and thousands of people are utilizing this program to earn additional income from home with no out of pocket expense.  ZipNadaZilch is a respected company and there are hundreds of proof pictures that have been posted on their website displaying paypal statements with proof of payments being made to their clients.


  3. How Do I Get Referrals?

    There are many different ways for you to share this opportunity with others.  You can share this with your family and friends without fear, because there is NO cost involved. 


    However, online marketing can be a very daunting task. We offer multiple techniques and sources for you to utilize to make your marketing campaign a profitable one. Visit our Knowledge Center for additional information you can utilize to achieve even more success with your marketing campaign.

  4. Is this a pyramid or matrix scheme?

    Since there is no fee required to join our website, it is not considered a pyramid or matrix scheme. In a pyramid scheme, existing members are rewarded with fees paid by new members and the process is repeated continuously. Our site works on the affiliate marketing model - you basically become an affiliate of ours and we pass the commission on to you in the form of a "free gift", which is the $20-$80 commission per referral you obtain.

  5. Can I sign up to ZNZ more than once?

    Unfortunately, no. As stated in their Terms & Conditions, they only allow one account per person and per household. However, you are more than welcome to sign up on each specific site of theirs, if you wish (ie. One, BigCash, PayPal, etc..).

  6. What countries are allowed to participate?

    Currently, they allow registration from residents of the United States, Canada & the United Kingdom.

  7. How can ZipNadaZilch afford to give away free gifts?

    ZipNadaZilch receives commissions from the advertisers for each new customer we bring them. These commissions are used to pay you for each referral you obtain. So basically, everyone is benefiting. The advertiser benefits from obtaining potential new customers, ZipNadaZilch benefits from receiving commissions from the advertisers, and YOU benefit by taking a cut of that commission (i.e. $20 for ZNZONE, and $60-78 for ZNZBIGCASH).


  8. Will I receive spam email if I sign up?

    No, your information will never be sold or leased to third-parties. You will only receive e-mails from us regarding your account which you can opt-out of. For further details on how your information is used, please review our Privacy Policy. However, our advertisers can have different ways of doing business, so it is critical that you read their privacy policies when considering an offer.

  9. What is a custom order?

    A custom order gives you the option to order something that is not listed on our website. To inquire about a custom order, simply open a support ticket, give us a link to the prize you're wanting and ask us how many referrals it is. Amazon.com is preferred, but we can order from almost any online retailer, with the exception of eBay.

  10. Can I close or delete my ZipNadaZilch account?

    No. In order to prevent users from creating multiple accounts we do not close or delete accounts. If you sign up and then decide not to participate, you can just stop using their site. If you do not wish to receive any e-mails or newsletters from them, you may opt to do so via your 'Profile' page after logging into ZNZ.