If you need to make adjustments to your Custom ZNZ Page such as Name, Email, Referral ID changes or adding your NetSpend referral code then you can log in to your account here:

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The issues listed below need to be directed to ZipNadaZilch:

  • Missing credit requests
  • Sponsor change requests
  • Order problems
  • ID verification
  • Other problems related to offers listed on their website

  • You can submit a support ticket to ZipNadaZilch by logging into your ZNZ account, clicking the support tab and filling out the form.

    You can log-in to your ZNZ accounts using these links:

    Log in to ZNZ One       Log in to ZNZ Two       Log in to ZNZ Big Cash

    You can also contact them at: support@zipnadazilch.com

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    If you need assistance with other issues please contact your sponsor. We enjoy receiving suggestions and comments about our system so we can continue to improve it. If you'd like to send us a message please use the form below:


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